I dont know, its weird. I’v been feeling a lot better lately, about myself and just life in general. Im supposed to see my therapist every week and i havent seen her in almost three because of thanksgiving and then my appt. for last week got cancelled. I thought that i would be going crazy right now but im actually doing fine. Iv actually been feeling good and having GOOD days. Usually a good day for me is a day that isnt bad. Not nessesarily good, just not bad. I dont know. Sometimes i will feel a little better for a while and then feel bad again but today i feel GREAT. i dont know what it is. But at the same time im worried, because my therapist and psychiatrist have often questioned whether or not i am bipolar, so this could be mania. Or i could just feel great. I hope its that i just feel great. Im just so happy right now for no reason at all.