Hi Folks,

You may have heard some national news this week about self-injury. A couple of radiologists in Ohio are claiming they’ve found a new form of self injury.  These Ohio doctors and a lot of the media have called it a “new trend” among teenagers.

Well, any psychiatrists and psychologists who dedicated their career to understanding self-injury have told me clearly that NO it’s not new, and NO it’s not a disorder… just a coping mechanism that falls under self-injury.

That’s why I’m here. To set the story straight it will really help for me to hear from someone who has self injured in this way.  Of course, your identity can be protected in the article.   If you’d like to see more details and my contact information – please read more in the “comment” section.  Again, let me add – the contents within the comment section may be triggering.

Thanks for your time.

Lauren Cox

Posted by:  Karen Conterio