I started injuring when I was in middle school. I had a good friend who did it and it seemed like it worked for her. I was picked on a lot in middle school. I was always the ugly, fat girl who was smart and wierd. I got put down a lot, and that carried through even to my life at home. I am a twin, and in comparison to my brother, I never felt good enough for my parents. I call him the golden boy of the family- he never makes a noticable mistake, and my mistakes are frequent. One night I injured and the release justfelt so great. I felt dizzy after injuring, but I was too focused on that to worry about what was really bothering me. Within a month it had gotten to the point where I had to injured multiple times a day to feel alright- whenever I felt a strong emotion it made me want to SI. I’m better now, I’m seeing a counselor and I’m on medication but a lot of the time it’s really hard to control my urge to SI. It’s a thought that no matter how much therapy and medication I get, will never go away.