I haven’t SIed for just a couple months, it does feel like longer, and just recently I’ve thought about it a little bit more.  I don’t know if i’ll be allowed to play on the rugby team, i lost my best friend over a lie someone spread, my ex-gf and i live together and things are so up and down with her it’s ridiculous.  i can’t get out of the lease until june unless i find someone else and it’s very tough.  things are very down right now with her too.  i resisted the urge my lowest night last week.  i really think that reading everything posted on here has helped me out a lot.  i went onto this website to start doing research and i’ve come out learning a lot about this community but also a lot about myself and i feel i’ve grown from this experience. i’m still sending out surveys if anyone is interested in helping me out.  just email me, civerson@uni.edu.