Hey this is my first post on this site, but i think i just really need to have someone out there who can read this that doesnt know me personal. I’m Melody for staters. and last week i told my best friend that i don’t think where our friendship is at right now can be fixed. And thats for a lot of reasons. One of which this month is november. My dad died today five years ago. And it was hard on me, and two because this is the time i tend to become most depressed. So i was reading theconfession baord i post on from time to time, and it says that she went back to SI’ng, and i’m worried about her and it makes me feel sick that this is what she has turned too, but  i just cant actually be there for her. I want to but i just can’t handle it at this point without the option of me going back to SI’ng just to try and deal with the stress, and any other emotion i feel. But i’m also scared that if i relapse this time i may really die since last time i relapsed it got that close and that bad in a matter of weeks. Anyone have any advice they could give me?