Hello, This post is a question for Karen C, however read on if you want to hear from a SAFE graduate! I graduated from SAFE June 28, 2008.  I loved the program, the therapists and my peers, who I still talk to. I am a middle school music teacher.  I am a very warm, inviting person, and so many of my students open up to me about their self injury, or are toying with the idea.  I want so much to be able to be of real help to them.  Karen, do you have any ideas?   As of right now, our school does not have anyone that does actual counseling (they’re just schedule makers) and so my only option is to send these kiddos to the nurse.  They refuse to open up to anyone else, so they just lie.  I’m in a unique position in that the students get to know and trust me and my guidance, and some are even openly asking for it.  I have really found my “nitch” working with adolescents.  Maybe a teacher can’t or shouldn’t be involved in that part of student’s lives.  If that’s your opinion, what track can I take in my life to get to the best position to help adolescents who need an understanding person with firm guidance and encouragement for intrinsic motivation?  I know I can get a basic counseling, psychology, or some such masters or doctorate, but I have a pit of the stomach desire to work with adolescents who self injure.A side note on this school’s situation:  I work in one of the poorest cities in my state, and maybe even the country.  I drive 45 minutes to get there everyday.  Very few of the students live in a house that is attached to the ground.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find some with dirt floors.  I feel like I’ve found my “calling.”  Any advice on how to realize this goal would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU for reading!