I’ve been home for a  little over a month now and my life has gotten more complicated than I had ever anticipated.  I’ve been in and out of dr.s offices and therapists.  None of them want to deal with me.  My family has had enough and now I can no longer go to them for the support I thought they were giving me.  My own mother beat the crap out of me because she thinks that’s what I want to do to myself.  And now she is back into her pretent world like it never happened.  I did so well at safe. I want that feeling back but I have lost all control of my life. There is no safe place here for me anymore.  My therapist dropped me cause my  dad kept harrassing her.  Why wasn’t I better?!  Hello!!!

I haven’t SI in two weeks and it is so hard.  But I remain determined to stick to my goals. I am worth something.  I am!