i’m seventeen and have been struggling with self injury for 5 years i’ve been caught countless times by family school councilors church personals they all try to help and it works for a while but it never lasts, but now for the first time i’m actually worried about it i’m scarred of the affect this has on my little brother who i am sure has seen the injuries on my body earlier this week i came home from school to find him in his room under his blanket – it seemed like he was trying to kill himself.   when i asked him why he was doing this he said because he was a goof up and couldn’t live with being messed up tried getting help through my parents but they said the same thing about him as they did me that hes overeacting and its just a stage and nothing will ever come of it i love my baby brother so much i dont know what id do if he really did hurt himself please if you could give me any suggestions on how to help him