I’m going on vacation with my family and grandma and were saying that its a family thing in NC but really I’m going to Disney World! Happy times right well I go to my Ap Euro History class and I told the teacher yesterday that I’ll be gone from thurs-tues and she was just like okay today I go up to her and she goes where are u going and I said NC for a family thing and suddenly she was like thats a lot of school to miss with this class and I was like I know. Now I’m feeling reallyyyyy bad like I’m depressed but that just made my day a million times worse and I feel like crying and cuddling up in my bed and never coming out. I told my friend whose a guy what she said and he was like well that is a lot of school to miss and I’m like well u missed and he was like ya for 2 days and that just made me feel worse like why he hates the teacher and yet this time he agrees with her! Whenever my life seems to get better it falls again and now one of my best friends says that she kinda has a best friend!!!! That hurts and she doesn’t realize how much it hurts me I don’t think!!!!