Ya know, I was just sitting here reading some of the blogs posted and I don’t read much  about the basics.  I know that many people have not gone to SAFE, but agreeing with Karen, there are many good things mentioned here to do instead of injuring.  I think for those that injure it’s a choice that you have made to do.  You have options and DO NOT have to injure.  I think that many people just aren’t ready to give it up.  It may be that you can’ t do it, you’re not ready.  I don’t know, I guess I may be speaking for myself for when I used to relapse.  There was no excuse except that I chose to injure instead of being in recovery.  It all comes down to a choice, I think.  There are so many things that can be done before one injures.  Take the alternatives.  Why do you think that is part of SAFE’s name?  Do something besides injure.  What I did was when I was feeling ok, even briefly, took out something to write with and wrote down everything I could possibly do in one day.  Some of what I did was put down things I wanted to try doing and never did before, some were things I did all the time, and some occassionally.  Whatever it may be, I simplified it though because knowing me is that when it came time to a crisis point that I would not be thinking well so I had this list.  That I learned at SAFE…..Alternatives is what it is.  Get the book Bodily Harm.  For those that are unable to go to SAFE everything is there in the book.  I would suggest from my own experience if you have a counselor to have him/her to read the book to if they have not.  They wrote the book for those that cannot go there too.  The beginning is about self-injury and what it is and all that.  The second half is recovery.  I have mentioned before too I have a yahoogroup that is a good source of support too.  I’m not trying to bring in “business” or anything like that, I’m telling you this because the group is good and uses SAFE material in it.  We talk a lot about impulse logs and stuff like that.  More people have not gone to SAFE that are in the group.  If you want more info about the group you can email me at updrd@yahoo.com or if you just want to talk with me updrd is my messenger too.  Here is the URL for the NoFEAR-SAFE_Approved yahoogroup that I have started.    http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/NoFEAR-SAFE_Approved/   I have gone to SAFE 3x.  I was one of those that did not get it the first time.  I have been recovered for over 10 years now.  Yes, I went a very long time ago.  lol.  I wish you all well and challenge you to think about what you really want. You really want to be injury free?  Then do it.  Do whatever it takes to not injure and it will get easier and before you know it you will have some good time under your belt.  Hang in there.   Laura