My first week as SAFE I said I would “try to do” something..oops..”no, no, no. we don’t try”. I was in for a big treat.
“See my pen, ‘try’ to pick it up” and it was thrown on the floor. We all just looked…finally one girl got up and picked up the pen “nope, you ‘DID’ it, ‘try’ to pick it up. After a few mins we all gave up. The point being made was we can’t “try” to do anything. We either do or don’t do it.
I had my first session with my counselor since being out(6 days ago I graduated SAFE), I emailed my counselor once because I was struggling and so when she asked if I injured and heard the word “no” she was shocked. I went through the whole “do or don’t do” thing and it was pretty powerful.
Nothing’s Impossible…