ugh i feel horrible right now. i haven’t s.i. in 3 months and i want to relapse SO much right now its not funny.

i missed the first week of this quater due to strep throat and now im failing everything. im still trying to get caught up but friggen honors english! just one assignment takes 6 hours! so i’m to busy doing that to do anything else and thats stressing me out to no friggen end! my parents are gonna kill me. the only classes i’m doing good in is world geography (i love history.) and p.e. (biggest shock ever. im always failing). so this basically sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im failing french which sucks the most. my parents were super P.OED at me for signing up for it instead of spanish 2.  so if i get anything lower then an A i get grounded and there gonna put my arse back into friggen espanol next year. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. i got my ONE make up assignment my teacher told me to do and did it! i turned it in! i’ve done my friggen homework. and turned it in. WHAT MORE DOES SHE WANT OUT OF ME? im like! not good enough!

and my parents are like always comparing me! when i was younger and failing everything they’d give me a speech on how my older 3 siblings never got a bad grade ever ever and how one of my older sisters were in the national honors society. *eye roll*. i’ve made honor roll the last 2 years and they’d compare me to my friggen little brother and b like! good job but he has better grades then u! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! and they let him get away with everything and basically let him do whatever the freak he wants!

i feel like giving up on everything! thanks for letting me share my thoughts.