i had been s.i. for about 6 months. i finally stopped for about 2 weeks and here i am. i was going through some really hard times and needed a way to cope. it just happened all of a sudden. it continued and i always knew i needed help. i was too afraid to get any, though. i tried many things including the ice trick and rubberbands. i felt alone and helpless. finally i realized, with a little shove, that if i wanted to get better, i had to take the first step. slowly i recovered and now i am almost completely back to normal.

  i didn’t just write this so you would know. i want everyone to know that it is possible to get better. I just had to remember that God is always there for me. He listened to me and always will help me, even if I don’t realize it. also, I never gave up on love. never stop feeling that people loved me and cared for me. this was very hard at times, but i managed to. only I can make myself stop, and only I can take the road to recovery.

this is easier said than done, but nothing is impossible with God. please take time to heal the wounds. I hope you can if you try.

never forget,