I’ve been reading the posts on the blog for SAFE and I’m finding that a lot of people, especially those that are done with SAFE, need more support.  I have had contact with Wendy and Karen and have the go ahead to make my post.

I went to SAFE 3x when it was in Chicago.  I have gone a very long time without injuring.  If you want to get technical about it we, well I can speak for myself, I make some unwise choices but is that injury or not.  Technically I say no.  Not in the sense that most of us speak of.  So, I’m not bragging but just letting you know that this is possible, but I have not injured in about 12 years that I can remember of.  It’s been a very long time.  I don’t keep track anymore because it’s just not a part of my life.  But, long time ago I was looking for support online.  I couldn’t find anything that was not triggering. It’s like does nobody get it?  But as I learned at SAFE I had to be very rigid in a way.  They taught me certain things to do to NOT injure and I did those things, like the logs and stuff, as much as I had to.  And honestly, sometimes I still do a log but it’s not for injuring most the time.  Sometimes I just want to figure out what the hell is going on with me ya know.  The tools help.  At least help me.  OK, I’m babbling.  I started a group with the approval from Wendy and Karen, and they do have this group listed on their link “sites we like”.  The group is a yahoogroup and has been running since October 2002.  It has almost 500 people in it.  It’s called NoFEAR-SAFE_Approved.  I have used all the information that I learned from when I was at SAFE.  The ages vary starting from 15 and up.  Four people run the group.  I need help because it got so big.  There is a NO TRIGGER policy.  It is like a support group for those that have been to SAFE and for those that cannot get in.  I get referrals to the group from therapists and all that.

So I’m writing this blog to let you know that there is help and yes it does get easier.  In the group people are at all different stages of recovery.  So I welcome anyone who wants to join in and see the work in progress.  Some people aren’t ready to quit and are being forced like by parents and stuff.  They don’t know where to turn.  It’s a message board and at times we have chats.  If you want to check it out that is great.  We will welcome everyone who may want to join.  So ya, I just wanted to let you know about the group.  Like I said, I did ask first before posting this blog.  Have a great day eh.