this is my first post on here that isn’t about the research i am doing for a class.  i used to s.i. as recently as a month ago and even though i haven’t been posting on here reading these entries has been beneficial for me and  i’ve learned a lot.  i haven’t even wanted to s.i. for awhile, i can’t remember the last time.  but i do remember what it felt like when i wanted to.  i don’t think that will ever go away.  i hope things continue to go as well as they have been but i know there will come times i will consider s.i. as an option.  hopefully i will be able to overcome it.  for my class i’m doing qualitative research on online blogging communities focused on s.i.  at first i was afraid the experience may be triggering but it has had the complete opposite effect and helped me.  when i have completed my research i plan on posting my paper on my other blog.  it should be done near the end of december.  anyone who is interested can contact me and i will give you my blog information.  my email is