I’ve been wrestling with this for day and I can’t really get off this train of thought.  I have no idea why after graduating the program and telling my therapist that somehow Texas changed me for the better so  that I wouldn’t go back to SIing that I am doing it.  You see Texas did something for me that New York has never done it’s made me a more focus person and someone who know exactly what she want.  New York has done the opposite matter of fact everything that ever matter to me I don’t care about anymore.  I learned in the program that we all have a choice and right now every time I think about that choice it escapes my mind it’s like one minute it’s there and the next it never existed.  I’m not confused about that i have a  choice, but when I think of it it’s not there for too long and then I just give up.  Could someone let me know if I’m making sense at at all it’s so hard to decide if I am or not.  I keep thinking not only do I think I’m back to square one, but I also I feel my therapist and psychiatrist may think the same thing and that maybe Texas was all for nothing.