I feel like I can walk through days and feel happy and hyper but I get soooo mad when I come home from school and at school I usually can just feel sad. But at home everyone annoys everyone does something to annoy me and that makes me mad over the tiniest thing ever! People lately have been asking me if I’m okay and it scares me it really does but the funniest thing is that my best friends don’t ask if anythings wrong…funny right?! And I know they said tell us when something wrong come and talk to us ok fine but ur going to have to tell me how to talk and what to say because my feelings stay locked up inside of me. I wanna end it I wanna end it all but for some reason I can’t I want to die though I want all of my worries and whatever else is inside of me to leave me. I just don’t feel like its me inside my body I feel like I’m on autopilot and the REAL me is floating above. But I did look at some therapists and I’m 15 so I can drive soon so I’m thinking of maybe seeing a therapist secretly in on the weekends or in the summer but idk.