Today I had another meeting with my pastor. He has helped so much in the times I’ve gone to see him. But I was thinking. I always think that just distracting myself will help and that the longer I can go without SI’ing the better I’m doing. Now in a sense that is true. I do want to stop my behavior but SI’ing is not the main issue. It’s just a band aid to the real issue. You need to sit down and really go through the things in your past and deal with the underlying issues that the self injury is covering and as you deal with those issues and learn to deal with those in the right way the urge to Self Injure will go away on its own. Not to say it won’t be a long hard road but in dealing with the things that have lead you to SI and the root issue it will get easier. I don’t know if this will help anyone-maybe you already have figured this out-but I just wanted to write about it a little. Maybe talk about something a little more positive rather than just vent about it.