the last time i si’ed was agust i think. it was 4 weeks before i finished the safe program. no, maybe 3. any way i have had a rough time with my mom. tonight she was on the phone in the car and she said she got an email from my teacher. my sister wanted to c but i said it was none of her business” and the she kept trying and i blocked her view and my mom started yelling at me  and i was like its none of her business. then she started yelling stuff at me like ” your diseased your crazy your out of control you have a disease your diseased you ruin everything you never let the family have fun your diseased you have a disease ” finally i couldnt take it and i put my hands on my ears and screamed because i didnt want to hear it.  im not really talking to her now. i wish i didnt have to live here. i kept telling myself 3 more years. i si not badly but i feel so dbad about it