I have thoughts of hurting myself every now and again even when i was real little, but nothing serious. Last year my best friend started SI-ing and i gave it a try. After the first two times my mom found out and after that i stopped for a while. Then my moms boyfriend who we have been living with for 8 years went back on drugs for the FIFTH time. My mom ended up leaving him and i started SI-ing again even though i promised i wouldnt.  My mom was torn up pretty bad from him so she didnt even notice. Now she has a boyfriend and sometimes i think she doesnt care anymore and that i was just a mistake to always be dragged along. But im not really concerned with myself on this one. See my friend is a preppy person who talks non stop real fast. She loves attention and has a lot of friends but she still hasnt stopped. She tried when i did and when i couldnt she couldnt either. She now says that she wont live to see college and talks about it very easily. Im worried because i dont know if shes joking or not and if she is joking why would she?? When i talk to her about it she puts in my face that im no bettter because im the same as her. She says that she just speaks it and i know shes right. My other friend doesnt understand why we would ever want to hurt ourselves and yells at us constantly. So now im trying real hard to be something im not….a normal high school girl and BOTH of them are on my case about it. Im totally confused…. not to meantion i feel responisble for my friend SI-ing herself and my other friends constant worrying about the both of us. What do i do about my friends??