I am conducting some ethographic research for a grad school class and I have to do one life history interview that is due this Thursday.  My research is on individuals who do or have engaged in self-injurious behavior and interact with others through online communities.  If you have any questions about my research feel free to ask.  It will not be published and names will not be connected to anything I turn in for class.  I used to s.i. which is why I was interested in this topic.  I also have a blog of my own I created recently.  I will also have a questionnaire coming up soon that I may ask for participants if anyone would be interested in that also.

It may take an hour or more to complete and it will be through an email.  I would also like to have a follow-up email to ask additional questions to expand on past answers.  If you are interested please contact me at civerson@uni.edu.  I will only ask one or two people to complete this.  This must be done in a timely manner so please only volunteer if you can complete it soon.  I can send out the email tonight and would like a response by tomorrow evening so I can get the follow-up questions out quickly.  Thank you to anyone who is willing to participate.