i cant ever do anything right. i screw up all the time and then i feel horibble. last year was the worst year of my life.  i kept on getting into fights with my friends over every little thing. my best friend decided randomly that she hated me and that we werent friends anymore. that made me feel horrible. she was so mean and horrible but i couldnt help feeling like crap.  everything was wrong.  then i made new friends and things were good but my new best friends sometimes ignored me and then lied about it. she wasnt always there for me and i just wanted to have a close friend who i could tell everything to and who would be there for me no matter what. i knew people who injured themselves so thats were i got the idea. so i started to injure myself. it made me feel better more in control. it really doesnt make sense i admit that. but i dont no what to do. i always feel left out and not liked.  i think people think im weird and annoying and i have no self confidence.  last year i s.i.  all over and then on a school trip i got arrested and suspended from school. thats when my life really changed. then my parents found out about my injuries and that day i couldnt stop crying, i couldnt eat or think.i just wanted to die. my life will never be the same and i just wish there was a way to go back in time and fix everything or just move away and live by myself forever