this guy i met when i was in little league…he was my coach. havent seen or talked to him for over 10 years until a few months ago when i ran into him at the gas station. we ended up exchanging phone numbers. well he called me last night because he was in a crisis and needed someone to talk to. i told him i was glad he called me (but in the back of my mind was wondering why) i told him he needs to get out of his house and go somewhere where there is alot of people and i recommend we go to perkins to talk. well he started to talk and i asked him what his plan was and he told me. i told him i wouldnt call anyone unless he really intends to do it. anyways, during this time he made some weird comments to me….like asked me if i was ever “sexually abused” and said “its wierd how sex perpetrators know who is venerable and can get them”. And he made comments like i was a God send and that i was beautiful and stuff…… I got nervous becaues I dont know if he has a different intent than wanting someone to talk to. his wife left him and his kids apparantly blame him. he is over 30yrs older than i and i dont know what he wants from me. He wanted me to take him to urgent care today but i told him to go and just call me when he gets there….then he got upset and put a guilt trip on me saying “im sorry for bothering you” and “no one cares about me”…..i gave him suicide hotline number and told him to call his therapist….what else do i do?