I’m just so depressed and I was asked to homecoming YAY right? Ya but I cant get the fact outta may head that if I start dating this guy I’m only going to be hurt and that scares me…tooooo muchhh!!!!!!! I’m a sophmore in high school and I do enjoy it the only thing is is that I still miss my Jr. High School and i wanna go back to school there do 8th grade all over again and have the best time with my favorite teachers but I do go back to help coach their girls volleyball team and yesterday I was talking with the guy gym teacher about high school and I said that I miss it here and he just laughed and said I must cuz I keep coming back and its the truth and I don’t want volleyball to end it gives me something to look forward to. I escape from all this depression when I’m there and with my fav. teachers. Those were the best times not high school those were and I want them back but I’ll never have them back and that just hurts me even more. I get so angry so easily and I can’t help it I just do and so emotional but then ppl think I’m weak and I’m not.