I sit in the corner

life races by

i am alone.

i am fine here

i am safe

i am happy

don’t i look it.

life is fine

it always is

it will never change

as far as you know.

but deep inside

i know the truth

it is not OK

it never was.

but who can i tell

when i am alone

i could try

or i could just go.

i could go

far away up above

to an easier place

or i could try.

frustration fills me

my body covered in scars

is that my answer.

now i just lay here

while i cry

rivers cover my hot cheeks

the currents pull me down.

i fight for breath

hope to live

trying to free myself

from this black pit.

i guess my choice is made

it was a long time ago

when the first drop fell

and the first skin broken.