I hope a lot of you know what Im talking about because I cant write the -s- word without my hand trembling or anything like that….Ok, so Today, one of the worse days ever. I got in trouble so many times, and hurt people around me more than I usually do. But I locked my self in the bathroom for about an hour wanting to hurt myself.  But I couldnt. Lately its really been one of the first things on my mind. Its not really injuring anymore, its more serious. ANd I dont know what to do. I started hyperventilating, or whatever its called. I couldnt breath I couldnt walk for about 5min. So I just sat on the corner of my closet in the dark crying, at least with tearing eyes and normaling my breathing. I dont know what to do. I dont know whats wrong with me. I keep on hurting everyone around me, and frankly I dont want to. I just want to be normal again. Its just that no one, i mean seriously no one gets what Im going through, I dont either. I just think about that lately way too much.  I screw everything up. With everyone. Everyone that loves me ends up getting hurt because of me. I cant stand that anymore. I cant stand hurting people close to me because of whatever is going on with my head. So help please? Im desperate.