So i have been letting my teachers get to me….they are jerks to me and enjoy making me miserable. I tried talking to some people about it but they don’t care, they just tell me to let it go but i cant. Its been causing me a lot of anxiety and it made me SI and now I am to that point again where I don’t want to stop SI. I canceled my appt with my counselor because i felt she didnt care- or anyone, and i know that is just hurting me in the long run. I am just barely getting through the days. it feels like the days are all running together, and my body is going through the motions and routine but i’m not there….i dont know how to explain it. So anyways, I feel really discouraged about school, i was really trying to do good but now I am starting to not care and dread going to class. maybe i’m just being to “sensitive” and taking things to personally…….people tell me that too……whatever