Yea….so Ive s.i for almost 3 years. At the beginning I actually had real problems that I had to deal with and I didnt really have the strenght to deal with the problems directly, thats why I started s.i-ing. But frankly now, I just s.i because I like the pain. I dont know if its something wrong me, im being a hypocrite, or I dont know. My parents sent me to a therapist in Mexico to talk about my ‘problems’, but it didnt help. I mean…I just like injuring because I like the pain…So I really dont know what to do. None of my friends have ever tried to stop me, except one, which is a guy, but any of my other friends didnt really care, so I just kept on doing it. Now I dont know how to stop, or even if i WANT to stop.

 Any Ideas?