i really cant do this. my family is violent to each other, my friends hate each other and now they hate me for being on all sides, my true love/best friend loves another, and im not allowed to talk to him anymore because his mom found out that i s.i. i dont have any friends except for my cousin hundreds of miles away. my brother always gets what he wants.  my dad is never home. my parents would get a divorce if it werent for me, i wake up to yelling often. everyone takes out there problems on me, the stupid 12 year old girl who is always keeping her mouth shut. and the worst part is, everyone at school hates me because they think i have a perfect life. i skip everywhere hugging everybody wearing long sleeve shirts to hide my arms. my ex best friend told my principal and he wants to expel me for s.i. and being suicidal, and he told my parents who just yell at me for it. and everyone around me expects me to forget everything and solve their problems. seriously, whats the point in living like this? i need some help and i know it.