I agree with the last post about coming home from the SAFE Intensive to an unstructured world. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and I too was rushed out b/c of insurance. I was supposed to have 4 more days but at 11:30 a.m. on a Friday I was told that was my last day unless I could self pay. Well I paid all the money I could. In fact, I went further into debt just so I could do this program by not paying any of my August bills.

I was told that the 3rd part of treatment is when you go home. But I don’t know about some of you, but for me the logs just seem so repetitive right now. I actually use ” marks to indicate the same thing to say on each line. I am using my list of alternatives but I am also getting frustrated b/c I can only make so many friendship bracelets in the evenings to keep me busy!

Some days my impulses are strong and I deep breathe through them, sometimes cry out, sometimes just feel so incredibly agitated that I don’t know if I can stand it but time goes by and I don’t SI and I think it’s starting to get a bit easier for me. I’ve returned to work and I have plans to join a gym – things to bring routine to my day. That’s what I miss about TX – the routine and the groups! All that suppportive structure was so awesome and I met and made some amazing new friends.

Each day is a struggle and thank goodness each day is different. I love and miss all of you!