SAFE was great and I learned a lot of new things. I learned a lot about myself and my feelings and the core issues behind my SI. I made new friends there and really felt like people understood me. I could relate to a lot of my peers and the therapists were awesome. When I got home I did okay for a while and felt like I had a new start. But I had no structure and felt like I returned to where nobody understands. I am having trust issues with my therapist and don’t know how to get past that. I have new issues that have come up that scare the heck out of me and it is hard to tell her those things. But I am. When I cannot verbalize it, I write it. I need to get it out and not avoid the issues. But it took me until yesterday to tell her my biggest problem and I wrote it out and dropped it off at her office today. She’ll get it on Monday when she gets in. Then we’ll discuss it at my next session. I’m scared. I don’t know why I can’t talk to her. But it’s leading to my downfall. I SI’d twice this week for the first time since I have been home and that scares me too. I can’t give up. I have my room decorated with my snaps and my diploma, so that helps. I need to move forward but I miss the support I had down there. I need to establish that here. I miss you all. I wish I could have taken each one of you home with me! I am looking forward to returning to school on Oct. 2nd. That will really help!