Well, I am a journalist for my school newspaper and I need to write a major aritcle on the topic of my choice. I want to write it on self injury because I am tired of people believing that the only people that self injure are only “emo” kids. I want to get people to understand the gravity of self injuring. However, I need help from people who have or are presently self harmers so I can give acurate information and have quotes int he article. If any of you are interested in helping me, I would much appreciate it. Any information is appreciated. I would love stories, poetry or any other type of information which you think I should publish. Please contact me at bella.adalu@hotmail.com if you are interested. You DO NOT have to give me any personel information. I would prefer knowing your age,  your grade and where you are from (a.k.a. country/state) but only if you feel comfortable. Thank you for all of your help.