It been around 7 months, no sorry more like two or three weeks since I have self-injured.  I guess I forgot about the most recent time since it didn’t land me in the hospital.  And I know thanks to the first time I went to the SAFE program that if I have a slip up I can stop it at that and not let in lead into anything worse.  I had been doing well until today when a woman saw my arms when I was at an AA meeting.  She was very kind about it.  And since the scars on my are a years old I told her that I was a problem that I had a long time ago and that it is no longer an issue.  When the truth is the it is very much an issue, and that my leg shows a much different story of much more recent scars.  I don’t know why but I am able to but the thoughts out of my head for awhile but they always reappear. Anyways just wanted to put that out there.