So here i am back at school and home…but all i can feel is pain here. You see last year i fell head over heals for this guy and i was able to stop SI while i was with him. But then i thought he cheated and every thing fell apart! i would SI every  day even at school after we broke up. Now we are together again and i just found out he cheated on me again more than one time actually. He sends me letters and emails saying how much he needs me and how srry he is but idk what to do. I think i love him and i kno i need him more than ever right now because now its so much harder to even think of stopping. he knows i SI but he doesn’t know how bad. all my friends have stopped or dont even kno about me doing it … i cant stop…i feel really alone. i just want to be okay. My mom and brother dont know but my 14 year old sister does and she treats me like im this horrible waste of a person…she doesn’t see that she is my best friends and actually the only person i trust despite what she says to me. i dont eat or sleep… i feel disgusting and i dont know how to deel any other way but to SI. please what can i do…should i tell me mom and see a shrink?? i hate DR. ‘s and i honestly dont trust my mom at all…..please help