Hi all, 

I’m considering going to S.A.F.E sometime in the near future, but I’m wondering…what makes S.A.F.E. different/better than other treatment programs?  I’ve been in treatment at a trauma program before, and it was helpful, but I still self-injure.  I have taken a year off school to deal with my problems, and I truly want to and need to heal, but I just want to make sure that S.A.F.E. is the best choice.  Has anyone had problems with insurance paying for the program?  I don’t think my insurance will cover it.  Any advice?  I very much appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me.  How do I know that this will work?  I know it is really up to me and my determination, but I just cannot seem to stop self-injuring, no matter how desperately I want to at times.  It is getting in the way of achieving my dreams.  Thanks for any help you can offer.