im so done with people and their bs. i can never go hang out with my friends. i feel like running away everyday of my life. only aloud to see my boyfriend if he comes over or if my sister wants to go out . im 15 and i get treated lk im 4 . i have the responsablities of an adult but none of the privlage . i cant  do anything unless my sister takes me . and most of the time she doesnt n im home. my friends talk about their weekends n how much fun they had and when they ask what i do i have to say nothing every time. i have been good with the s.i.since i got my new boyfriend because he makes me so happy but i dont know if i can stop even if he is in my life . it just hurts so much .  i am so close to becoming crazy . 3 years till im 18 and im leaving.i dont care if i have to live in a box.

~ alone in this world ~