ugh. almost everything makes me want to s.i. the smallest smallest thing that i could have done that NO ONE will remember in 5 minutes makes me want to self injure. i still self injure remembering stuff i did or stuff people said to me years ago. i try to replace s.i. with something else but i cant! i tried to replace it with practicing my clarinet, but everytime i mess up a note, i need to s.i. i tried to replace it with coloring, everytime  i accidently got a little bit out of the lines, i needed to s.i.

i think i s.i. because i don’t know how to deal with my mistakes. my parents and siblings used to point out my mistakes all the time.

i’ll get mad at somone and i’m to scared to confront people so instead of confronting that person i just go s.i. somone will make me sad and i’ll just go and s.i.

ugh. i dont know anything else to do besides go and s.i. for everything!