i have been injuring and been anorexic for over 3yrs now off and on. i have finally been without SI for a month and a half now, but recently it seems like thats all i want to do. iam not sure what to do anymore. i just started college and am working at a daycare with 2 yr olds. there seems to just be way to much stress with family life, school, and work. but its a requirement to work in my house and go to school..a friend of mine knows what is going on and has been a big help but iam afraid she’ll freak out if she knows to much and leave. i need her in my life to be able to get through any of this….i know longer know what to do. i dont want to continue down this road of SI and not eating but its all ive known for so long. and yet i do want to continue because it makes everything better…idk what to do anymore or who to trust….