SO tired of being shoved off to comeone else. Benn to rehab. My T thinks I am an alc. and druggie and whatever else. And just because I dont control my impulse to SI, she basically wants to ship me off. Nobody understand my place in life- what I am supposed to do, I have to care for my family, sick mom with cancer. I am so full of rage right now. So I am just venting to not SI. I feel rejected. The only safe thing is going to be taken away- for once I found a place with her that i could TALK I dont talk… and be honest, and feel like I was heard. And now I am pretty sure thats over. Talk about a trigger. Why does everyone always give up on me? Just cuz I slip? It is so stupid. Im sooooo UGH. Anyone experience this before? 1st I lose my husband, then I lose my T who I finally trusted….. I lose everyhing. Now all I have to cling to is my SI. I dont even want to stop anymore. i did but now its ridiculous to stop. Anyone understand this? So alone.