I just found this site…this is really hard for me to talk about.  I started s.i when i was 14, my mother moved very far away and it is was triggered it.  I done it pretty often until i met this guy.  He told me he loved me too much to see me do this to myself and i told him i would stop for him.  We’ve been engaged for almost 2 years now and i kept to my word…but tonight…i feel like he doesn’t love me as much anymore, that he’s drifting away, i tried to talk to him about it but i don’t know what to tell him, everytime i ask if he loves me he says of course and that that is a silly question, but he doesn’t treat me the same anymore.  I feel like my chest is caving in when i think about it, and i couldn’t take it anymore, i caved in tonight…i need help, i don’t know what to do