I realised that somedays I am fine, I can go even a week, sometimes two, and feel happy the whole time. I have so many false recoveries. In the morning I could be like agonizingly depressed (cant even get out of bed, or look in the mirror) , then perky and happy, then at night I get totally hopeless again. But the thing is, it gets so confusing, to my family and even more so to me. I am kind of surprised though, because last night, I though it was the last straw and then I woke up this morning and had a wonderful day. But now that I am by myself I can’t cope. It was two weeks before yesterday.

…Now to add to the stress barell: My mother got rushed to the hospital, My best-girl friend says that they hate ever fibre of my being, and One of my best-guy friends told me they couldn’t speak to me anymore, because of the guy that I like. HE WAS FURIOUS, because I happen to like his ex best friend. But the thing is, this guy is the only person I can talk to. I have to chooosee, apparently.

Life is so silly sometimes.