Hey all,

It’s chad and you might not remember me, but awhile ago I Self Injured and I came here for help. I had trouble quitting, but I was clean for almost a year. That’s good. The only downside is now for some reason I am getting random feelings. Feelings of not being where I really am. Lightheaded randomly in the day. And the nights, the nights are the worst, I feel alone again after such a long trial of progress. I feel Numb I guess if you can put it that way. I’m not sure if this is a rare feeling, but it has been happening alot and I can’t deal with it. The way I have been Dealing with it lately has been injuring to get rid of the feeling. I know that this is the wrong way. I worked so hard and it hurts me so much to see that I threw all that work away. I have potential, I can do it, and I have quit before. I came here when I needed help, and people were their for me. Even though they don’t know me, I felt like they knew me for years, Like I had known them as a child. Even though I knew I would never talk to them again probably, they helped me so much. I am just looking for something that can keep me above this feeling, or if their is a medication or a book to help me conquer this feeling. I have to thank snoopy, always their for me, he helped me through the hardest times. Thank you so much Snoopy, and I hope that you do read this post.