I told my three best friends I injured the one told her mom and so did another one but the one girl’s mom is going to tell my mom. I want to lie to my mom.  I know this is horrible and I know that its not right but I can’t deal with her knowing. I’ve been thinking about suicide A LOT more and have become depressed ya I still do all my work but I just can’t stop thinking what if I end it all? What if I just leave? I’ve kinda already formulated a suicide note in my head…horrible right? But I swore over my friends life that I wouldn’t do it again and I think that I’m kinda dependent on it now. They saw that my parents need to know but they don’t understand that thats just making everything for me right now. They had me come to this “Healing session” cause one of my best friends is Indian so they had me go and this woman knew about my injuring, for about an hour I had to sit there and watch this be done to my friend and I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to go home so now I really regret telling them and they want to help me and I’m thankful for that but what their doing its not helping me its hurting me. I’m only becoming more depressed and I only want to SI even more! There’s this girl in one of my classes and today I saw she injures and she doesn’t like me but I want to help her and I know this sounds nuts cause I don’t want the help well I like to help everyone else besides myself and forget about my problems so what is a good way to tell her about this site?