Hi there, I just joined this site, because it seems like an amazing idea. I’m pretty young, going on 14 in November, but I have battled with self-injury for about a year now. It started out as a story. I told my friends that I was very close to hurting myself, but didn’t, thanks to a specific band. This story was not true, I don’t know why I told it. As time went on, I was really overwhelmed with life in general. What started as a story turned into reality. I tried injuring once just to see how it felt. It became a habit. I haven’t done it since May now, thanks to my best friend Peter. He had his phone and computer taken away for over a month, and he was always the one to talk me down from doing something wrong. When he was gone, I knew injuring would hurt him too. So I refrained. Also, the Jonas Brothers have played a huge part. Many adults think of this as just another phase, a band that will disappear within a year or so. I’ve loved those boys for 3 years, and am still going. They literally saved my life, and for that I will be forever thankful. <3