I was searching the web and I found this site. I was so happy to realize that my self injury issues was a real issue with people my age. I was always told by the very few therapist I saw that my issue was a teenager issue and that adults didnt do these type of things. Needless to say I have been injuring myself for years with no help. I used to injure when I was a child and my family would just say I was weird and mental. They thought I would have just grown out of it or that it was just a phase. I only got better at hiding it and progressed to more injury. I have gotten especially worse these last few weeks . I find myself injuring almost everyday and I am having trouble focusing on doing anything else to stop my obesssion. My family is no support to me whatsoever and frankly they don’t really care longer than a few days after my episodes .So here I am pouring my heart out because who else can I talk to about it? Locking me up for a 24 hour evaulation< which the hospital did a year ago> never did me good because I get scared and combative. They though I was trying to kill myself and I was left to fend on my own. I was told when I was there that I was a smart ass and that I needed to find god because thats why I was doing this because I was being tormented by demons!!!! DEMONS?!?!? I was raped three days before I went in to the hospital for my SI thats why I did it. I felt dirty and ashamed. I was told by a nurse the demon nurse that wearing a tank top and hospital issued pants without a cover would make people not believe i was assaulted. So that hospital stay just hindered my need for treatment. And here i am hopeless and clouded….. Please help