thats really because i lost my password and i didn’t feel like getting a new one at the time. -__- but now I’m back. since the last time I’ve written my parents found out about me S.I.. my dad has never even talked to me about it and my mom well she wants to help but we cant afford therapy. and i don’t think she can help me on my own. so if u guys have any idea of help that we can afford that would be so great.

ANYWAY as much as writing about his helps me tonight I’m writing for a different cause. i am a huge supporter of To Write Love On Her Arms and I’m always looking for ways to help donate. well social vibe now is helping me. pretty much make a profile pick a sponser and a cause and get points. those points turn into donations for you’re cause. i’m pretty new at it so i don’t have many points. this is where you come in. [ wow that sounded kinda bad] well if u click the link below you will not only help me gain more points you can start getting donations yourself. everybody wins. it’s easy it’s helping and best of all its free. it doesn’t cost u a dime and u r helping a cause. the more people who join the more of a difference we can make. i know this site is for people to vent and feel like people understand them i had to post this. i am just looking for more people t get involved. i hope everyone doesn’t think i am usign the site for my own gain because really this only helps me help others. and i want you to be able to do the same. so here’s the link.

p.s. u don’t need to have the same cause as me u can choose which ever u want.