I once lived locked up in my own personal jail. People would try to help by pointing to the key on the wall across from the cell saying you can unlock your own cell if you try hard enough. These people were trained professional yet couldn’t see that I couldn’t get the key by myself. Then there was this one person that came along and said I will unlock your cell, but you have to take the steps to get out. So she unlocked the cell and helped me take those steps to get me out of the jail in my head. Slowly I learned more about myself, my life, my likes, my dislikes, my talents, my emotions, my thoughts, my health, and my past. She took every step with me to get me out of my jail and has continued to take every step with me sence. She’s so much help to me and in my life. She said I’m her Hero, yet if it wasn’t for her continued help I wouldn’t be anyones Hero. What she doesn’t know is that shes more than a Hero to me, she’s a Lifesaver. I try to Thank her every chance I get. I was once locked up in a small cell in my head and now I’m working on trying to start my own Taxidermy business, something I once thought impossible.Things once impossible is now possible and with in reach.

******************* Thanks Sue!!! **********************************************