I am new here and I am really confused as to what my next step in treatment is/should be.  I dont know where to go.  I constantly sabotage myself and put myself in dangerous situations and my treatment team wants me to go to more intensive treatment.  The problem is that I cant really afford more intensive treatment.  

 My first option is to have an evaluation with the DBT center close to where I live and see what they say (my psychiatrist wants me to do IOP but my insurance wont cover it.  so, we’re trying to see if I can just go to 1 group a week).

The problem is that I am starting to believe that 1 extra group per week wont really keep me safe.

I talked to the IOP and they say that they dont work with my insurance and that they can try to appeal to it.  Then again im out of outpatient benefits with my insurance so unless my policy says that they can pass this off as inpatient, I cant do it.

That leads me to the third option: residential inpatient treatment.  While my insurance migh actually pay for this and whily my psychiatrist and therapist have mentioned it, I dont personally think that this is the best thing for me.  Im scared that by going inpatient I am just running away and I really dont know that I need it.

I dont know what to do.  I need to sort of have an idea by Tuesday when my parents and I sit down with my psychiatirst to discuss my options.

Does anyone know of any residential centers for SI/mood disorders? I would truly appreciate the help. I know SAFE is an option, but I need to have more options just in case my insurance doesnt work with SAFE.

Taanks bunches for reading!