So, I graduated from SAFE in early June (adult intensive, Denton). And I’ve stayed self-injury free since then, without any major issues. But for some reason lately, I keep having nightmares that I give in to my impulses, both with self-injury in the traditional sense and with self-destructive behavior (binge eating, sexual promiscuity, etc). I don’t want to mess this up, and I keep reminding myself that this isn’t about fighting impulses- it’s about putting myself in control of my choices and behavior. But almost every time I wake up lately, I spend a few minutes thinking I’ve failed, because I keep dreaming that I have. 

I know I’ve made a ton of progress, both through SAFE and afterwards. I’m working on making even more lifestyle changes now that I’m home. But does anyone know any way to stop the nightmares? I’m succeeding when I’m awake, and I’d like to keep succeeding in my dreams, too.