Hey everyone, I graduated the SAFE program in April of 2008 in texas. I just wanted to give an update. Things here in Illinois are going ok. Ive had a few rough points ( been back in the hospital 4 times since the safe program) for suicidal thoughts, gestures, and some self injury. but nothing near what it was before SAFE. I knew it was going to be hard coming home, I mean christy, lauren, suja, matt and sarah, they all at one point said it was going to be hard, that the real work would have to start when i got back home, and let me tell you all, for as much as i hated doing the impulse logs when i was in texas, i have been filling them out everyday. Sure i have had set backs, but things can only get better right?

I just wanted to say hey to all the staff down there, let you all know things are ok. Hope everyone down there is doing well… and “enjoying” the heat… its hot up here, so i could only imagine what its like down there.

chrissy tobias